Spirits made of passion

The craft liquors manufactured in our workshop are composed to meet the tastes of demanding customers. Created in our distillery, based on traditional recipes enriched with a grain of modernity, strong craft spirits gain growing appreciation among gourmets.

Our craft alcohols are not only unique in taste and aroma. We produce them from the best quality selected Polish cereals, fruits and herbs - and the excellent ingredients guarantee the excellent taste of the drink. In our workshop we create alcohols such as absinthe, bimber, gin and vodka. You will surely find among our liquors the one, that suits your needs.

If you are looking for an unique alcohol to make on Your party toasts, which guests will not taste in any other place or one to enjoy in your free time - our craft liquors are just for you. We guarantee that you will remember their unique taste for a long time.

Copernicus Kraft