Premium Vodka

Premium vodkas are exquisite, pure vodkas arranged in classic, expressive Polish style. Based on our original recipes, they are composed of the highest quality spirits produced only from selected Polish GMO-free cereals.

At all stages, our vodka production process is carefully and uncompromisingly controlled. As a result, our liquors are of the highest quality and taste, which appreciates even the most demanding kipers.

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Truly Polish Vodka

Name of Polish Vodka is reserved only for vodka composed from ethyl alcohol distilled from rye, wheat, barley, oats, triticale or potatoes grown in the territory of the Republic of Poland. To keep its unique values, all stages of production and ageing, has to be performed on the territory of the Republic of Poland.

Polish vodka is an element of national heritage, which requires respect for the long tradition of its production. That is why in our workshop we take special care to use only high quality natural Polish ingredients. Original recipes we use for our liquors were passed down from generation to generation in strict secrecy. Labels of our bottles are hand decorated, to preserve the exclusive character of products created in our distillery.

About Copernicus Craft Distillery

Craft Distillery

Copernicus Black Excellent Caffe Liqueur is an original composition of our master distiller, consisting of cherry fruit, natural coffee infusion and exquisite alcohol. The unique drink requires a unique setting. Ornament on the bottle was hand designed and based on the Renaissance style - the Copernicus epoch. Labels are hand-made to preserve the workshop character of our manufacture. Copernicus Black Excellent Caffe Liqueur tastes excellent composed with espresso coffee, served in a liqueur glass. It is also a perfect ingredient for Black Russian cocktail, or simply chilled with ice.

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